YAML config file description

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YAML config file description

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# Nexpose section



# Host to connect with Nexpose Security Console



 # Port to connect with Nexpose Security Console

 port: 3780


 # Username to auth with Nexpose Security Console

 username: admin


 # Password to auth with Nexpose Security Console

 password: hup^r37kZc72MjY}=ox?WTQ


 # Report name which will be analyzed for look up related CVE with kernelcare ePortal

 report-name: kernelcare


 # Change this to 'true' if you want the script to automatically mark

 # vulnerabilities as exceptions, so they don't show up in the report

 is_approve: true


 # If you want to delete old exceptions. If it is false, old exceptions will not be deleted

 delete_old: true


 format: raw-xml-v2


# License and patch server section



 # URL to connect to Kernelcare ePortal

 # For kernelcare ePortal use "http://<kernel-care-eportal-domain-name-or-ip>/admin/api/kcare/patchset/"

 # For licenses issued by CLN, use "https://cln.cloudlinux.com/api/kcare/patchset.json?key="

 server: https://cln.cloudlinux.com/api/kcare/patchset.json?key=


 # Server for patch sets

 # For patch sets from Kernelcare ePortal server use domain name

 # (or IP address)

 # patches-info: http://<kernel-care-eportal-domain-name-or-ip>


 # For patch sets from the central KernelCare patch server

 patches-info: http://patches.kernelcare.com/


 # List of KernelCare license keys


   - 0G0996952sTtCU4z

   - hx5LO1n49zY5jp6B