Managing Users

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Managing Users

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You can manage portal using /usr/bin/kc.eportal utility:


-l | --list-users      : list all users

-a | --add-user        : add a user

-d | --delete-user     : delete a user

-c | --change-password : change a user password

-p | --password        : provide a password for a user

-h | --help            : show this help


To add a user:


$ kc.eportal -a admin -p AdminPassword


To change user's password:


$ kc.eportal -c admin -p NewPassword


LDAP authorization


It is possible to support a secure connection. To do so, specify the right format of connection string as a key to enter user login.


For example:




Note. This key is a must in a connection string and should include ‘%s’


You are also able to specify security settings and set-up timeouts using LDAP URL.