Managing Keys

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Managing Keys

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To register new servers you need to create a KernelCare key that will be used for server registration.

To go to the list of keys, click the KernelCare ePortal logo at the top left.




To edit a key, click ePortal_Keys_Edit . The Edit tab opens.

To remove a key, click ePortal_Keys_Remove. Please note, that removing the key would remove all servers under that key.

Click a key to go to Servers tab with the list of servers registered under that key. You can also remove servers on that tab.


To create a new registration click Create tab.


Fill in the following fields:


Key —  you can provide a key name or leave the field empty, so an automatically generated name will be used

Description — you can provide a description for the key

Server Limit — the amount of servers that can be registered under that key

Feed — select a specific feed or leave empty.


Click Save to add the key. The new registration key will be created and added to the list. The key itself will be used as a part of the registration command on an individual server.

Click Save and Add Another to save this key and add one more key.

Click Save and Continue Editing to add the key and open the key edit tab.

Click Cancel to return to the key list tab without adding a new key.