Link Via Add-on. Optional License

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Link Via Add-on. Optional License

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In order to allow your client to decide whether he wants to order server with or without a license we will use Product Add-on. In this way, when the client orders an add-on, the relation will be triggered and the license product will be ordered along with module.


The following steps must be performed to prepare such connection:


1.Go to Setup → Products/Services → Products Add-ons and click Add New Add-on.

2.Fill add-on name, set up billing cycle and price.

3.Then tick Show on Order checkbox, assign add-on to the product and click Save Changes.






Fig 3: Configuration of product add-on, which will trigger license product adding.


4.Go to Add-ons → CloudLinux Licenses Add-on → Add-on Relations and click Add Relation.

5.Select previously created product add-on and license product as shown below and click Add Relation.



Fig 4: Creating relation between product add-on and provisioning module.