ePortal API

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ePortal API

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[version 0.9+]


KernelCare.ePortal provides limited API to remove servers based on key & IP.


To access the API, first setup API token used for authentication:


echo your_token > /usr/share/kcare-eportal/config/api.token


API method: unregister_by_key.plain




  key - KernelCare.ePortal key under which server is registered;

  IP - remote server IP as displayed in KernelCare.ePortal;

  token - API token.






Return code: int

-3 API token file does not exist;

-2 API token doesn't match;

-1 Internal error, see /var/log/uwsgi/uwsgi-emperor.log for details;

any other number - number of servers removed.