Config Options

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Config Options

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kcarectl behavior can be configured using /etc/sysconfig/kcare/kcare.conf



True - enable auto-update;

False - disable auto-update.

chkconfig kcare off

Disable auto-update after restart.


Normal - (default) use freezer;

Nofreeze - don't use freezer to freeze processes.

Smart - smart freezer freezes only threads that need to be frozen for patching [kernelcare 2.3+].


Server to use to download patches.


Licensing server.


Patch source prefix, used to test different builds, by downloading builds from a different location, based on prefix (v2.2+)


Depending on the policy, on server startup, use:

REMOTE - (default) patches from patch server.

LOCAL - only locally cached patches, if none cached (caching is done automatically) - do nothing.

LOCAL_FIRST - see if locally cached patches exist, and load them. If not, try getting them from remote server.


[since 2.5-4]

Don't provide notification if unknown kernel on auto-update.

LOAD_KCARE_SYSCTL [since 2.7-1]

Controls if /etc/sysconfig/kcare/sysctl.conf will be loaded on patchset load. True by default.

--set-patch-type extra

To enable extra patches.

--set-patch-type free

To enable free patches.